JDK Alternatives for Production

However, along with this news, how are JDK builds available? Will they be free or paid? Before answering this, it's important to understand what a "valid" JDK for distribution actually means. In practical terms, there is only one set of source code for the JDK. 

JDK Alternatives for Production
JDK Alternatives for Production

The source code is hosted here. Anyone can pick up this source code, produce a build, and post it to a URL. However, there is a separate certification process that must be used to ensure that construction is valid. Certification is performed by the Java Community Process (JCP), which provides a Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK). 
If an organization produces an OpenJDK build that complies with the entirely TCK, this build may be described as "compatible with Java SE".
Note that the build cannot be called "Java SE" without the vendor obtaining a commercial license from Oracle. For example, AdoptOpenJDK builds that pass the TCK are not "Java SE," but "Java SE compliant" or "Java SE compliant." Also, note that certification is currently on a trust basis — results are not sent to JCP/Oracle for verification and cannot be made public. In short, the OpenJDK + Vendor process transforms a source base into several different builds.

Figure 1: OpenJDK source code transformed into builds (per Vendor)

Without further ado, check out the following JDKs that are ready to download: Alternatives of Premium JDK

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