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How to Add FloatingView Animation in Android?

In previous article, we focused on Shadow image with Material Shadow library and today we come with cool animation with View using FloatingView animation library in Android. It can make the target view floating above the anchor view with cool animation.

You can see demo(FloatingView Animation) below:

FloatingView in Android
FloatingView Animation in Android
Let’s move on to implementation of FloatingView Animation:

Build gradle

First of all we need to add dependencies in build.gradle.

dependencies {
compile 'com.ufreedom.uikit:FloatingViewLib:1.0.2'

Create floating element

Use FloatingBuilder to create a FloatingElement

FloatingElement builder = new FloatingBuilder()

The use of FloatingBuilder can be configured to have:

  • anchorView :Anchor, is you want to float animation in which View above
  • target:Target, The view which you want to float
  • offsetX:X direction of offset, unit PX
  • offsetY: Y direction of offset, unit PX
  • floatingTransition : Floating effect, the default is ScaleFloatingTransition
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