Android 7 Vs Android 8

On August, 21st after the solar eclipse, Google released the final version of Android 8 now known as Android Oreo. The sun wasn’t the only thing that was hidden for a while today, as Progressive Web Apps have acquired new problems. I’ve installed Android 8 on my Google Pixel, and tested a couple of things regarding websites and PWAs and then I got some problems with Android Oreo.

Android 7 Vs Android 8 : On Android Oreo, icons have the badge and if they are not a perfect centered circle, they are embedded inside a white circular icon, reducing their original size.

But let me start with good news: software updates can solve most of the problems. The issue is that nobody seemed to care enough about it to do it before the Android release that is currently being delivered to users.

See full article here >> : Problems with Android Oreo

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