Transition Page Recycler using Animated Recycler View

How to add Infinite Cycle ViewPager in Android Application

The ViewPager is the widget that allows the user to swipe left or right to see an entirely new screen. In a sense, it’s just a nicer way to show the user multiple tabs. It also has the ability to dynamically add and remove pages (or tabs) at anytime. In our previous article we discuss about some other viewPager like :

And today we’ll discuss about infinite cycle ViewPager with two-way orientation and interactive effect. You can see demo here ;

Infinite Cycle ViewPager demo

Lets go with implementation of Infinite Cycle ViewPager


compile 'com.github.devlight:infinitecycleviewpager:1.0.2'
For full tutorial and source code  see the source:-

Source: Infinite Cycle ViewPager Android Library » Tell Me How - A Place for Technology Geekier