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Top 25 Android Libraries you can try in 2017 - Part 1

This is a list of 25 best Android libraries released in January and February 2017. All of these are worth trying out — they are not in ranked order.

Let’s get started!

1. Lottie

This is a library that parses Adobe After Effects animations exported as JSON with Bodymovin (After Effects plugin for exporting animations to SVG/Canvas/HTML + JavaScript) and renders them natively on mobile.
There is also an example app available in the Google Play Store.
The more than 7,500 Github users who starred this library can not be wrong!

lottie-android - Render After Effects animations natively on Android and iOS

2. Toasty

This is a library for creating customized Toasts. As the author described the lib, it is:
“The usual Toast, but with steroids.”
You can find screenshots and the link to the library below.

Toasty - The usual Toast, but with steroids 💪

3. StyleableToast

This is another library for Toasts customization. It adds:
“variety of styling options that gives your app and user experience that little extra unique feeling! Style your toast either by code or in styles.xml!”

StyleableToast - A library that takes the standard Android toast to the next level with a variety of styling options…

4. Store

Store is a library for Async Data Loading and Caching. According to the documentation:
“Store is a class that simplifies fetching, parsing, storage, and retrieval of data in your application. A Store is similar to the Repository pattern while exposing a Reactive API built with RxJava that adheres to a unidirectional data flow.”
The documentation is really comprehensive and the lib is for sure worth trying. You can check many flows such as data requests, caching and parsing.
Store - Android Library for Async Data Loading and Caching

5. PreviewSeekBar

If you use Google Play Movies, you have probably noticed this great animated SeekBar with a preview of the movie. It turned out that Rúben Sousa implemented that as an open-source library. The gif below gives a good flavor of its functionalities. If your app is for instance a movie player, you should definitely try it!

PreviewSeekBar - A SeekBar suited for showing a preview of something. As seen in Google Play Movies.

6. Chuck

If you use OkHttp, this is the library that helps intercept and persist all HTTP requests and responses inside your application. It also provides a UI for inspecting their content.

chuck - An in-app HTTP inspector for Android OkHttp clients

7. CoordinatorTabLayout

CoordinatorTabLayout is a custom composite control that quickly implements the combination of TabLayout and CoordinatorLayout.
You can check how it works on the gif below:

CoordinatorTabLayout - Combination of TabLayout and CoordinatorLayout./TabLayout/CoordinatorLayout

8. boxing

Boxing is a multimedia selector and by using it you can:
do a selection of your images (single or multiple images)
preview and crop images.
It also supports gifs, video selection, image compression and custom UI as shown in the screenshot below:

boxing - Android multi-media selector based on MVP mode.

9. excelPanel

This is a two-dimensional RecyclerView. It can not only load historical data, but also load future data.

excelPanel - An Android's two-dimensional RecyclerView. Not only can load historical data, but also can load future…

10. Horizontal Calendar

Another implementation for RecyclerView is dedicated to show Material horizontal Calendar View.

HorizontalCalendar - A material horizontal calendar view for Android based on RecyclerView
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