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Top 8 Features of Snapchat Glass : You should know

Snapchat has renamed itself to Snap inc. and enlarged its service to client hardware. the first product launched by the company is that the latest Snap Spectacles that could be a pair of glasses with in-built wireless enabled camera and reminds Google Glass. However, the popular instant electronic messaging company claims that their wearable is way higher in terms of functionality and staying power.

Spectacles smart glasses can permit users to require snaps or shoot videos of the primary person and send them on to the Snapchat app. Though, it's necessary for our users to understand that Google Glasses weren't appreciated an excessive amount of by the lots as a result of people had concern that anyone carrying such overpriced glasses will record their video secretly.

Snapchat believes that it won’t happen with their Spectacles and hopes that they'll for certain become a huge success in close to future. There are many reasons behind this confidence, Let’s see what we all know regarding Snapchat Spectacles until currently and it'd assist you to come to a decision whether or not to travel for it or not.

1. Decent value

The Spectacles can value you around $129.99 that is even lesser than the try of designer shades with none camera inbuilt. it's also terribly cheaper than Google Glass that was priced $1,500 at the time of launch. Snapchat Spectacles provide similar fun and fits into everyone’s budget, which may undoubtedly create a distinction. they'll be shipped in 3 color variants Black, Coral and Teal.

2. Focus on Single Aim

Google Glasses were launched with several options and were additional sort of a wearable computer than a mobile camera. On the opposite hand Snapchat Spectacles have the one aim to capture pictures or record video. Users will record up to ten seconds of video by sound the button mounted on the frame and every tap can records a replacement clip.

3. You'll be able to Shoot while not a Phone

The Spectacles have the flexibility to attach on to the Snapchat via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and send the footage during a circular video format instead of rectangular or sq. in order that they'll play full screen on any device. The camera glass uses 115-degree lens to suit additional into the frame that is wider than the iPhone that provides 74 degree of viewing angle.

4. Strong Battery Backup

Spectacles ar meant to be the right answer for standalone photography or videography and a strong battery is crucial to try to to therefore. The battery comes with the glasses is capable of taking snaps (that get keep on the glass) for the day when one charge.

5. Share Videos through Snapchat App Wirelessly

As we already mentioned, you'll be able to transfer pictures or video clips via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to your Snapchat app that is put in on your android or iPhone. you'll be able to add those pictures in your recollections and share them within the Snapchat stories. you'll be able to play videos taken by the Spectacles despite of this fact that they were captured in circular video format as a result of Snapchat can crop them automatically once you rotate the device.

6. No Secret Recording

We keep in mind that people carrying Google Glasses were late prohibited to publicly places because of the very fact that they were able to capture video or pictures of others while not their information. Though, Google created tries to form it clear that the lens of the wearable glitters once the video gets recorded, however folks weren't happy and wished one thing higher. there's no such problem in Spectacles and also the little ring round the camera lights up to let others grasp that you just ar recording.

7. Spectacles Charge just in case

Yes, you scan it right, your Snapchat Spectacles wirelessly charges in their own case. That means, you don’t got to carry wires or charges beside you whereas traveling. Your case can charge the automatically. Though, we are still waiting to check however it can be done.

8. Snapchat Spectacles availability

There is no specific time, that is mentioned by the company as once it's planning to be available within the market. however “Coming Soon” tag is on the website and it clearly means you'll be able to expect it to launch within the finish of the 2016 or early 2017.

It’s been virtually one and a half-year since the Google Glass was launched and currently things has modified lots. people are more comfortable with selfies and social networks, however still you'll be able to meet those that don’t just like the plan of carrying a try of sunglass with a mobile camera at public areas. Snapchat is presenting Spectacles as a fun device and is ready to drag it back and introduce one thing less arguable if it doesn’t work.