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PhotoScan - A new Google Photo feature

Google has launched PhotoScan, a innovative application that allows users to scan recent photos which will thenceforth be hold on and retouched in Google Photos.
PhotoScan allows users to scan recent photos in numerous formats, and also, wherever necessary, to revive them to their former glory. The app options retouching, and rotation functionalities, together with options to enhance perspective and eliminate reflections. the concept is produce high-quality digital copies that provides a new life to recent photos.

Along with this new application, Google is additionally launching an update to Photos with a recently improved automatic improvement feature that permits users to effortlessly balance exposure and saturation to optimize image detail.

How will it work ?

  1. The app opens to the camera and prompts users to position a photograph inside the frame.
  2. Four dots ought to appear over the picture if done properly.
  3. The app can automatically crop, rotate and color correct.
  4. Google has additionally created area for these memories in Google Photos, that is accessed using the search ‘scan’.
  5. This app is offered for each iOS and android users. 
‘Scanned photos is saved in one tap to Google Photos to be organized, searchable, shared, and safely secured at high quality—for free.’

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To scan the print, move your phone over every of the dots and hold it till the circle seems to be filled in.
Not solely is that this less expensive than a scanner, however as shortly as you’ve uploaded one photograph you'll be able to move right to the next.
And the app can automatically crop, rotate and color correct.

The latest version of Google Photos additionally includes 12 new filters that modify pictures by adding shadows, warming up colours, and adjusting saturation. There are advanced retouching choices (light, color, sharpness and style) that permit users to optimize the looks every kind of photos.
Google PhotoScan and Google Photos is downloaded for free of charge from Google Play (Android) and App Store (iOS).