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Google Draw AI Experiment - Kids can learn by draw

Google Draw,  a brand new group of online artificial-intelligence experiments and one particularly stands out as each an habit-forming game and a desirable window on machine learning.

Quick, Draw challenges you to form a series of drawings in under twenty seconds for each one. The neural network tries to work out what you are drawing as you go. It learns from its mistakes and seeks to enhance its recognition skills.

I'm no nice visual creative person, however the AI racked up a powerful 5-out-of-6 score on my 1st round, properly identifying grass, a chopper, a penguin, a remote control and scissors. The one it lost was an outline of a feather, that I though was good, however the AI thought it looked a lot of sort of a mouse, ice cream or tennis racket.

There's an almost addictive thrill to wiggling with fast, Draw. The timer counts down and gets a lot of pressing as the seconds tick by. A voice guesses at your drawings, making it want a browser-based game of charades. generally it simply provides up, saying "I don't have any clue what you are drawing. Sorry i could not guess it." and so you are feeling like you've got let the poor AI down along with your tinny art skills.

In one stunningly bad round, I drew a kangaroo that sounded like a lizard, a sun that sounded like an exploded egg, a tornado that seemed like a cream horn and a basketball that resembled a cookie. however the neural network does not decide. It simply causes you to wish to play once more.