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Twitter may be acquired by Saudi Prince

After Linkdien and Yahoo, Twitter may be acquired by Saudi's Prince.

Saudi Prince Al - Waleed Talal willing to buy

Last year, Twitter made ​​this way , but the deal had failed . According to Twitter reports Menhetton his office is looking to rent a place . Reports that Saudi Prince Al - Waleed Talal  and Ballmer are willing to buy Twitter . Twitter has not yet responded to the reports .

Twitter has poor economic situation at these day. This microblogging site is decide to rent their San Fransisco headquarter to face that trouble.

According to the sfgate brokerage firm Kresa twitter Headquarters from taking place is discussed in the rent . Twitter almost 183 642 square feet is thinking of hiring .

"We use office space more effectively and efficiently are considered . San Francisco in the mid-market area we are committed to its place . "
-Twitter spokesman
Saudi prince Alwaleed bin Talal declared that it had increased stake in Twitter to more than five-hitter. The up within the stake comes right when the appointment of Jack Dorsey as the new ceo. it's attention-grabbing to notice that the prince has previously been opposed to the appointment of Mr. Dorsey as the CEO, primarily due to his ceo status at square.

The Saudi have prince Alwaleed and Kingdom Holding currently owns 5.17% of the company after a $50 million investment within the micro-blogging website. The billionaire created his initial investment of $300 million within the company in 2011. The investment makes him the second-biggest capitalist in Twitter when Evan Williams, who owns 6.9% of the company. The Saudi fund is of the view that Twitter’s lows offer buying chance for investor to dive in.

Twitter's issues solved?

On Monday, the San Francisco-based company solved  its CEO problem by appointing Mr. Dorsey, Co-founder of Twitter as its new CEO. due to the actual fact that prince Alwaleed initially didn't approve of Mr. Dorsey, it makes us surprise what the real reason behind the rise in investment could be. it might be the case that the prince currently thinks that Mr. Dorsey has the capabilities to run two firms at a similar time. another reason may well be the introduction of the project "Moments" by the social platform, that is assumed to become huge within the returning years. The Saudi prince is understood for his smart investments and he very should be seeing some positives beginning from Twitter in future.

But Twitter failed to resolve their economic problem in upcoming time. It may be acquired by Saudi Prince Al - Waleed Talal  and Ballmer.