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Top 15 Use of Internet For Fun

The Internet is full of free things If you know the right place. You can learn anything on the internet free from seeing and reading. Today in this post we collect some cool websites that give you things and services for free.

Stop scrolling Facebook Timeline and learn something useful free from these websites.

Some of it is useful while some of it is just fun. Regardless, here’s a list of cool stuff you can do online for free!

1. Make some sick beats at Patatap

Patatap is a portable animation and sound kit. With the touch of a finger create melodies charged with moving shapes.
Warning: contains flashing images.

Create Music

2. Learn any Course from Video Tutorials – TheNewBoston

TheNewBoston is the biggest platform on the internet for learning anything for free from videos. Here you found thousands of courses on different topics.

TheNewBoston – Free Video Tutorials and Courses

3. Get 15 GB Free Cloud Storage from Google Drive.

Google Cloud Drive

4. Why you waste your 600$ on Photoshop , make your pictures online using Pixlr Editor.

Pixlr Photo Editor

5. Play hi-quality games at BigPoint

Just make sure you have an unlimited internet plan, otherwise, you’re screwed.

Play 3D Games Online for Free

6. Send files up to 2GB for free from We Transfer

That’s HUGE!
Send Files upto 2GB from We Transfer

7. Ask any Question on

Quora- Question and Answer Anything

8. Symbolab will do your math homework for you. 

Now you don’t have to pay some Indian cheating service to do it.

Solve Math Problems Step by Step

9. Ninite automatically installs and updates packages of software that you’ll find useful. 

Don’t waste your time and money looking for and buying this stuff again.

Download All Windows at once from Ninite Installer

10. Find free wifi spots worldwide at WifiFreeSpot

Find Free Public WiFi

11. Send an anonymous email with 10MinuteMail

10MinuteMail - Disposable Email Service

12. Learn any language in the world at Duolingo

With a little patience, you can be spewing French pickup lines and Spanish cuss words interchangeably. Very useful.

Learn English, French, Spanish and lots of languages free from your Phone and PC from this website.

Duolingo Education

13. Learn to code for free with code academy.

BONUS: People who know how to code get paid really well.

Codeacademy - Learn to Code

14. Learn killer magic tricks at GoodTricks

Everybody loves magic, so if you want to be the next David Blaine (Do you really?), then head on over here and start levitating or whatever.

Learn Magic Tricks

15. Download Free Vectors, Icons, Photoshop Files, Free Photos and Logo from Freepik.

If you work on a project or a graphic designer then you got a lot of things free from here.

Freepik. Get Free Designer Stuff

What you think about this list. Please to grow this list if you've any website then comment below with link and description.