UltraSound - New Sharing way in Android

There are many options available in the android phone for sharing links between two devices like Whatsapp, Shareit, Facebook and lots more.

But all these apps uses Internet, WiFi , Bluetooth and working Internet connection. In this post, we talk about a new app, that doesn’t need these type of medium for sharing links between two android mobile devices.

How does ultrasound work for sharing in Android ?

The human ear can pick up frequencies in the range of about 20Hz to 20KHz. Any frequencies above or below this range cannot be heard by the vast majority of people (think – dog whistles). Most consumer media devices (ie. our smartphones) are designed to transmit audio in this frequency range. In fact, the maximum output sampling rate of many devices is 44.1kHz, which means the peak frequency can be theoretically as high as half of that or 22.05kHz. In other words, barely outside of our hearing range.

In the real world, many people can’t hear frequencies as high as 20KHz (hence why many children can hear some sounds their parents cannot) and the frequency output of the device’s speaker doesn’t hit the theoretical maximum. But this ends up working out in our favor as we can beam data between 17kHz and 18kHz and most people won’t be able to hear it at all. This is what researchers at Azoft R&D theorized and they developed a mobile application for iOS demonstrating its use.

How to use Radon for ultrasound sharing?

Radon uses Ultrasound tech for sharing links between two android mobile devices. Radon puts a new twist on it by using sound waves that the human ear can’t hear.

Simply open the app and you can send or receive links without having to manually pair devices, copy down text, or scan QR codes. It’s probably not something you’ll want to use every day, but it’s handy if you need to send links to everyone in your meeting all at once.
Radon uses a combination of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and near-ultrasonic audio, found in Google’s Nearby API to make this happen. While it can’t handle files like photos and video, it’s great for quickly sharing small amounts of data, particularly when used with a bunch of people at the same time. – and it’s faster than messaging.

Well, this is a great app for sending links in between meeting, party, and group. You don’t need to pair with other devices for sharing links. Believe me it faster than messaging.

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