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FAB-Loading Bar in Android - A new way of Loading bar

Floating action button (FAB) is simply a circle button with rounded shadow, floats above the UI and used to display any promoted action, like adding a new item, compose mail, etc.

And here in this tutorial you are going to see new way of Loading bar- A loading animation based on Floating Action Button. Lets deep dive with this cool stuff.

Include the LoadingView widget in your view:

    android:scaleX="1.5" //(optional)
    android:scaleY="1.5" // (optional)
    app:mfl_onclickLoading="true" //(optional)
    app:mfl_duration="200" //(optional)
    app:mfl_repeat="4" //(optional)

Add your loading items.

Note that there are four types of loading animation, LoadingView.FROM_LEFT, LoadingView.FROM_TOP, LoadingView.FROM_RIGHT, LoadingView.FROM_BOTTOM.

  mLoadingView = (LoadingView) findViewById(;

  //also you can add listener for getting callback (optional)
  mLoadingView.addListener(new LoadingView.LoadingListener() {
         @Override public void onAnimationStart(int currentItemPosition) {

         @Override public void onAnimationRepeat(int nextItemPosition) {

         @Override public void onAnimationEnd(int nextItemPosition) {

Call mLoadingView.startAnimation(); whenever you want to start animation.

XML Attributes

XML Attribute
Related Method
Start animation by clicking FAB. (default is false)
setDuration(int duration)
Set duration for each loading item. (default is 500 millis)
setRepeat(int repeat)
For values greater than 1, it calls next animations automatically for 'repeat-1' times. (default is 1)

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