Top 5 Best Android Launcher 2016

Launchers are the way Android users modify their cell phone and tablet experience. There’s shallow stuff, such as changing screen moves, symbols, and textual styles, yet the best Android launchers out there enable users to change the gadget’s conduct to suit their day by day use, as long as you’re willing to invest the energy into characterizing those customizations.

Do it yourself : Make Android Nova Launcher Theme

You can make your home screens as basic or confused as you wish, while tweaking each and every subtle element or simply taking what’s given to you as a matter of course — but either  way you can replace what your phone’s manufacturer gives you with the install of a single app.


Action is one of the best Android Launcher is a great alternative that blends things up and changes the interface worldview from what you’d expect in an “ordinary” launcher. There’s no general dock and application drawer, rather supplanting it with a slide-in drawer to house your applications.

You additionally get Shutters and Covers, which give you creative approaches to launch into folders and gadgets with swipes — it’s about getting to your applications and substance faster.

The most up to date variant, Action Launcher 3.5 , takes things up to another configuration that fits in with Android 5.0 Lollipop, and presents a couple of new elements also.

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There’s a free form of Action Launcher for everybody to attempt, with a pro upgrade costing just $4.99 — and after you make sense of the efficient elements you’ll need to open it.


The Google Now is also the best Android launchers which is the obvious pick for anyone searching for a pure, clean Android experience. It comes right from Google (and is pre-installed on Nexus phones), so you can shear away anything the maker has stacked up in one install.

Transitions are quick and clean, and there’s nothing pointless getting in the middle of you and your applications and gadgets. Past that, the furthest left home screen gets to be Google Now, so you can launch into inquiries, perspective cards populated in light of the season of day, your area, and general searching habits, and execute a wide range of without hands “alright Google” charges.

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The main genuine drawback here is that you won’t have the capacity to appreciate the level of customization accessible on more strong best Android launchers — you get what Google gives you here.


Nova is a hugely mainstream best Android launcher that offers an entire group of animation options, folder views, and desktop behaviors. On the off chance that you shell out $4.00 for the premium overhaul you can program signals to perform certain activities, and completely modify new identifications including corner sweep, border, and background and text color.

One especially cool expansion is swipe activities, which permit application symbols to go about as an organizer with a swipe, or a standard application launch with a tap. In the event that that is insufficient, you can simply investigate the wide universe of Nova-perfect topics in Google Play to significantly change the look and feel of your Android device.

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You’ll even discover some Android 5.0-style choices tucked away in Nova.


AVIATE builds collection of your applications in view of diverse sorts of activities. You can, obviously, change those accumulations physically also, and Aviate can offer recommendations to fill in accumulations. AVIATE makes sense of where you are and what time of day it is, and serves up significant accumulations in custom-fabricated interfaces called Spaces so you can better handle those activities.

For instance, on the off chance that you connect to your earphones, it offers you quick access to media controls and your most loved music applications.

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Taken off, and you’ll be offered alternate ways to route home and to the workplace


The Go Launcher is an especially showy best Android launchers with an extraordinary scope of screen moves, including 3D ones. Launcher settings are accessible through a promptly available drawer that is summoned with an upward swipe from the home screen.

There’s a committed theme storefront application that releases you journey through accessible Launcher perfect applications and punts you out to the Play Store when you’re prepared to download.

It even has an area of committed custom lock screens by means of the Go Locker application.

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For $5.99 you can move up to Go Launcher Prime, which offers security lock for individual applications, removes ads and includes a couple of more bells accessories.

 Note :

The Google Play Store has a ridiculous number of Best Android launchers available, so we’re always interested to hear what you guys are using.
We’re curious to see how you’ve customized your own launchers too — sound off in the comments!