9/11 attack was fake ?

This post is out of box for my blog. But you should need to know reality. Thats why i posted it.
9/11 was totally lie proved by Rajiv Dixit and scientists have accepted all evidence given by him In this video Rajiv dixit also has exposed Dr Manmohan Singh and how this man working for only America.

Part - 1

This is one of the great exposes by Rajiv Dixit in which he gives the real perspective of the wars that go on in the world and how America plays the devilish cunning role in bringing them about. Rajiv ji exposes the War Economy of America and goes on to suggest some ingenious ways of guarding our national interests in this scenario.

Part - 2

His claims include:

  1. Not a single plane was involved in the collapse of the twin towers. These were purely doctored pictures (Trick photography.) People walking about at that time are amazed that claims of planes hitting them are being cited. The planes alleged to have been hijacked are all sitting right where they should: in various hangars.
  2. The towers were brought down by 880 bombs strategically planted, plus one "master bomb".
  3. Explosions started even when the plane (yes, the doctored photo) was 500 meters away from the building.
  4. All Americans who worked in 9/11 were given a holiday and asked not to come to work on 9/11. Only 3000 NON-Americans died. Not a single American citizen (but then he does talk about discrepancies in insurance payouts to Americans/non-Americans).
  5. "American" sold these towers to Arabs a few days before the incident. The towers were then insured by Japanese, who were given the huge bill for this massive destruction. Just like they were given the Hiroshima bomb. (Japanese happily paid off insurance claims to this building?).
  6. Building 7 was destroyed in the evening, and its owner told people he was paid off by George Bush.
  7. Bush and Osama Bin Laden had 51 per cent and 49 per cent ownership of Eurocol company, with Bush's mother Barbara Bush as key adviser. They jointly planned 9/11 to give them an excuse to occupy Afghanistan in order that they could exploit the natural gas resources of Afghanistan.
I loved to hear what you thought now on 9/11 attack. Was it real ?
Please comment me your view......

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