Create Custom Gesture on Emulator in Android

In my previous post : Create Your Own Gesture Overlay in Android where you can use your gesture overlay in your program. In my previous post you'll use my predefined overlay but if you want to make your own custom gesture overlay then what you need to do ?
Don't take tension i am here then why are you fear...
Here i am telling you how to make your own custom gesture in emulator in android.

  • First of all you need to open your android emulator.
  • After that you'll open the Gestures Builder  option  in emulator screen.

  • Open them and click on Add gesture button.

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  • Then you'll see the next screen called create a gesture and enter the name and draw your pattern.

Note : Here name is a message which will be give you as output when draw that particular pattern.

  • At last click on Add Gesture button.
  • In order to get gesture file, open the FileExplorer tab in the DDMS perspective. (If you don’t have the FileExplorer tab available, add it from: Window -> Show View -> File Explorer). Navigate to /sdcard directory and copy the gesture file to your computer, for example on your desktop.

  • To copy the gesture file from the emulator, select it and click the “Pull a file from the device” button, marked with red in the screenshot below:

  • Paste gestures file in res/raw/gestures file.

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